Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Angels of the Quantum Gate

The title of this, my first short novel, is Angels of the Quantum Gate. I have briefly described it in these terms: "Extraterrestrials, science, and philosophy all meet in a cornfield. There is humor, satire, adventure, and some amazing surprises in a story with profound consequences for a universe where it may be true."

On the surface, the story is a first person narrative by a simple man who finds himself suddenly propelled into a humorous, wry, oblique involvement in a world of science fiction history and themes, even cliches. While his very convincing story may at first border on parody, there is a progressive departure into science, philosophies, and emotional depths. The protagonist is either mad, or is becoming mad because of his experiences. An important friend, who keeps showing up in confusingly different forms, may, or may not, be real. The protagonist becomes subjected to the demands of an awareness of multiple universes. He experiences concerns born of infinite possibilities, the challenges of imposed space flight, the attentions of mysterious beings. He finally is made to see the nature of belief in the importance of individuals who insure our common survival and, through the science, and mystery, of quantum entanglement, support the existence of reality itself.